Will BIDU Produce Another 1000% Profit in Next 5 Years?

Did anyone buy BIDU near $10 in early 2009 and still holding on to shares?  Well, if you did then you know very well you have profited 1000% gain in less than 2 years.  Long-term, I have full confidence that BIDU will continue to do extremely well as it will go much higher than today’s price level.  But, how

Advanced Technical Indicators of Trend Lines

Last week, I had discussed how traders can utilize even the simplest form of technical analysis to their advantage.  I used examples as AAPL and CAGC to draw uptrend and downtrend lines and when to take positions in these stocks.  Today, I will share two advanced technical indicators of trends to

Video: Bears Take Control of Gold

Adam from MarketClub has posted an excellent video on Gold and where it is headed.  He discusses how you could have expected the sharp sell-off in gold by noticing the engulfing pattern several days prior to the sharp decline.

Using Downtrend Line to Trade Stock like CAGC

Previously on Long & Short Investment, I discussed the importance of technical analysis and applied uptrend line on AAPL.  Today, I will discuss another type of trend line and postpone sharing of several other advanced technical indicators of trends in the upcoming post.

Using Uptrend Line to Trade Stocks Like AAPL

I believe technical analysis is important for any trader out there and not understanding the basics could be detrimental to their success.  Trend Lines are one of the most important tools used in technical analysis.  It is also one of the simplest form of technical

Follow S&P 500 Next Two Weeks

Yesterday, I wrote a post on Money Green Life as a guest.  Check out the article here!

Positive Direction in the Stock Market

I found two great videos from MarketClub today that I wanted to share with my readers.  First video is on Gold. Do you think Gold can reach target price of $1600 and beyond? Check out this video because it is very interesting…