Video Technical Analysis on S&P 500

Today, we experienced a new YTD high in S&P 500 index at 1254.  Where do you think the stock market is headed next especially as we start a new year?  This video gives a decent scenario on one possible  future direction of S&P 500.

Video on Technical Indicator: Williams %R

I recently learned a new technical indicator called Williams %R.  It is very interesting as it can give information on when to buy and when to sell securities.  MarketClub released a video explaining how to use Williams %R to your advantage and uses Crude Oil historical chart as an example.

Stock Market Rallies Again As Retails Profits

As consumers spend more money after Thanksgiving, the stock market sharply rises this week expecting that the economy is getting better.  Past two days, DOW jumped more than 300 points and should continue moving higher towards 11,450 range.  Think about how long this rally will last and what would be a good exit strategy as you watch this video.

How to Strategize During Consolidation in the Stock Market

When you take a look at past 9 or 10 trading days, the stock market has been moving up and down within 1-2% range.  Right now, neither buyer nor sellers are stepping up to the plate and driving the stock market.  In S&P 500

Explaining Quantitative Easing QE2 - Must Watch Video!

This is a nicely made video on QE2.  It explains quantitative easing and how feds are using our money.  Can you find any false information from this video?  You won't because everything is accurate!  It's very scary...

S&P 500 Between 20 and 50 Day EMA

Today, I would like to take a closer look at what happened to the market specifically in S&P 500.  When you apply technical analysis by examining Exponential Moving Average (EMA), there was a break in 20 day EMA and is heading quickly towards 50 EMA at 1168.  My guess is that we will see S&P

Preparing For Long Opportunity in Gold

Have you sold your position in Gold when it was at its recent high?  If you had known about “The Weekend Rule”, then you are probably out of Gold market last week after selling at its high.  Since last week, we know Gold has been on decline and Adam from

How to Analyze Stocks Using Symmetrical Triangles

There are three types of triangle patterns: symmetrical, ascending and descending.  Symmetrical triangles are generally considered neutral, ascending triangles are bullish, and descending triangles are bearish.  Today, symmetrical triangles will be discussed and will defer the other two types of

Long or Short?

Now that S&P500 is near 1220 level, what should investors be expecting from the stock market?  Back in Mid-October, I had posted “Follow S&P 500 Next Two Weeks” on Money Green Life as

FAZ Offers Opportunity For Investors

I hope everyone had a great Halloween!  It was little chilly but it was fun.  I was looking at several stocks yesterday while handing candies to trick or treaters and noticed something interesting in FAZ.  Remember that FAZ is an investment fund that is inverse of financial index performance.  As financial

Will BIDU Produce Another 1000% Profit in Next 5 Years?

Did anyone buy BIDU near $10 in early 2009 and still holding on to shares?  Well, if you did then you know very well you have profited 1000% gain in less than 2 years.  Long-term, I have full confidence that BIDU will continue to do extremely well as it will go much higher than today’s price level.  But, how

Advanced Technical Indicators of Trend Lines

Last week, I had discussed how traders can utilize even the simplest form of technical analysis to their advantage.  I used examples as AAPL and CAGC to draw uptrend and downtrend lines and when to take positions in these stocks.  Today, I will share two advanced technical indicators of trends to

Video: Bears Take Control of Gold

Adam from MarketClub has posted an excellent video on Gold and where it is headed.  He discusses how you could have expected the sharp sell-off in gold by noticing the engulfing pattern several days prior to the sharp decline.

Using Downtrend Line to Trade Stock like CAGC

Previously on Long & Short Investment, I discussed the importance of technical analysis and applied uptrend line on AAPL.  Today, I will discuss another type of trend line and postpone sharing of several other advanced technical indicators of trends in the upcoming post.

Using Uptrend Line to Trade Stocks Like AAPL

I believe technical analysis is important for any trader out there and not understanding the basics could be detrimental to their success.  Trend Lines are one of the most important tools used in technical analysis.  It is also one of the simplest form of technical

Follow S&P 500 Next Two Weeks

Yesterday, I wrote a post on Money Green Life as a guest.  Check out the article here!

Positive Direction in the Stock Market

I found two great videos from MarketClub today that I wanted to share with my readers.  First video is on Gold. Do you think Gold can reach target price of $1600 and beyond? Check out this video because it is very interesting…

APPLE Skyrockets Towards $300

Apple has been trading sideways for most part of this year ($240 - $265), but recently in September Apple made a breakout above $265 level.  It is now headed quickly towards $300.  Once it reaches $300, there will be some profit taking activities and will

History Repeats for SP500 Index

I would say the stock market in general has been trading sideways moving higher and lower back and forth.  This is especially true with SP500 index.  The chart below is a 4 months view of SP500.  As you can see, it has been pretty much trading between 1040

SP500 @ Key Resistance!

We saw SP500 make a remarkable come back from 1040 for the third time since June of this year.  It is now trading very close to 1130, which represents a major resistance level.  SP500 has met this level two times already and is able to reach for the third

AMAZ Has Negative Trend and Headed Lower

Check out this video from MarketClub where Adam uses technical analysis to determine AMZN’s next direction.  You will see that long-term upward support level was recently broken in AMZN and is now clearly headed much lower.  He also discusses how much it will fall using Fibonacci Retracement levels.  A good strategy would be to Short AMZN at this time.

Click here to watch video.

Short BEN?

Franklin Resources Inc (BEN) has made a great run to $120 this year before giving most of the gain last month.  Since then, it has made a decent recovery and now sits slightly above $98.  What is the next direction for BEN?

Considering that there is a major resistance level at $100, I would predict that BEN is headed lower below $90.  Having said this, I would consider the current stock market direction.

For example, S&P 500 is currently near its 50% retracement level (1,121).  If this level gets broken, then BEN should continue to rally well above $100.  To mitigate this potential risk upward, it would be wise to SHORT BEN near $100 with STOP order slightly above it, not going higher than $103.  I will revisit BEN later to see where it will be trading in couple of weeks later.

Video: A New ETF Trading Idea

ProShares UltraShort Euro (EUO) just became an interesting ETF to trade right now.  Investors buy EUO to short Euro in respect to dollar.  As EUO increases in price, it mean EURO is declining.  Adam from MarketClub uses Fibonacci to determine a good entry point for EUO in his video.  61.8% rests at $22.59 and so anywhere around this level is a good entry point without too high of a risk.  Are you considering to buy EUO this week?

However, I took a look at daily one year chart of EUO and draw a slightly different Fibonacci using high at $26.39 and low at $16.20 as seen below.  In my analysis, the 61.8% retracement occurs at $20.09.  If this is true, now is not the time to be buying EUO.  Let’s see if EUO starts turning its direction and starts moving higher after $22.59 retracement or if EUO continues to decline towards $20 before turning its direction.

Fibonacci Retracement Levels:
23.6% @ 23.98516
38.2% @ 22.49742
50.0% @ 21.295
61.8% @ 20.09258

APPLE in Consolidation

After making a great run in 2010, going from $190 to $270, AAPL has now settled and has been consolidating for past 3 months.  As seen from the 3 month daily chart below, AAPL has mainly been trading between $240 - $270 range with a “Bull” Trap” occurring at $275.  I do not expect AAPL to be in this state for a long time and thus we should soon see AAPL making another major movement.

I Can't Believe BP is Moving Higher!

British Petroleum (BP) have been having a terrible year so far mainly due to the infamous oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.  It has dropped nearly 50% with tremendous volume since late April.  BP went from high of $60 to low of $26 in the span of almost 2 months.  However since June, we unexpectedly experienced a rally from its low to currently at $34 as of last Friday.

Video: How Much Will Gold Decline?

Gold is currently retracing towards its long term trend line according to Adam from MarketClub.  He has released another video on Gold and says it is currently in trading range, and there is no strong indication that Gold will be breaking down below its

Should Investors Be Buying Ford Now?

After hitting its low at $1.43 in early 2009, Ford (F) has made a remarkable recovery hitting high of $14.46 in 2010.  Since then, it has given up some of its gain and now trades at $10 per share.

Video: How Much Will S&P 500 Decline?

Adam from MarketClub shares the how much S&P 500 could go down in this short video.  He points out how 50, 100, and 200 day moving averages  are now all converging near 1110 area and how 50 day has now crossed over 100 day moving average.

How Far will AAPL Decline During Market Sell-Off?

Yesterday, S&P 500 finally closed below 1,040.  This is really not a good news for Longs.  The stock market will continue to be negative momentum until it can close above 1,040.  Until then, I

Trading Strategy After Yesterday's Sell-Off

Yesterday, we saw S&P 500 reach its major support level once again after market sell-off. The good news is that the future is positive this morning and should bode well throughout the day.

Learn To Spot Divergences using RSI

When there is a new high or a new low in the market, what happens in the momentum of the market movement?  To determine the momentum, RSI Indicator (Relative Strength Index Indicator) can be used.  Adam from MarketClub teaches us in this video why RSI is important and how to spot divergences in the market.

A Critical Support in GS

Goldman Sachs (GS) had a very positive move higher from lows below $70 to highs above $190 in 2009. Since then, GS has started to fall and recently it fell all the way to $130 range. This

What Lessons Can We Learn From Worst Performing Stock in 2010?

Have you heard of Monsanto (MON)?  MON is one of the worst performing stock from SP500 in 2010.  Just couple of years ago, MON was one of the best performing stocks  MON in 2003 was trading near $10 and took next 5 years to make all time high at $140.  Today, it is trading near $50.

The Weekend Rule Metrics for June 18

 I started to keep track of stocks that made new 52 week high last Friday in order to validate or invalidate the Weekend Rule.  For this past weekend, it would have been more profitable if stocks

Direction of the Stock Market

Last week on Long & Short Investment, I had written about "Fibonacci Retracement in S&P 500" to determine the direction of th Stock Market.  I pointed out potential breakout to 50%

Trading Strategy for ERY ETF

I recently went Long on ERY ETF early last week mainly because I felt that ERY is currently at its major support level (9 month trend).  At the same time, the stock market indices such as S&P

Video: Spot Gold at New 52 Week High

It looks like Spot Gold is now headed to $1,300 since it broke its previous high yesterday and closed at a new high. See Adam’s video from MarketClub for more detailed analysis of the Gold

Video: The Weekend Rule

Adam from MarketClub has released a video on the weekend rule.  This rule is interesting in that investors can take small profit with a very little risk in a short period of time.  Basically, you can buy a

How Do You Plan To Trade CAGC?

Did you sell your CAGC shares yesterday? Previously, I discussed support and resistance levels for CAGC in “CAGC In Rally Mode! How High Will It Go?” on Long & Short Investment. I stated that I

Fibonacci Retracement Levels in S&P 500 Index

If you draw a Fibonacci Retracement level from its recent high (@1,220) to recent low (@1,040), you can see why the market has not gone past 1,110 level.  1,110 marks the 38.2%

CAGC In Rally Mode! How High Will It Go?

Last week, I had posted about CAGC potential rally if S&P 500 fails to break its major support at 1040.  Sure enough, S&P 500 never broke its support and we experienced a strong rally in CAGC,

DOW Jones: Its Support & Resistance Levels

When I performed technical analysis on DOW index 2 months chart, I saw some clear and easy prediction on where DOW is headed. Once DOW index broke 10,350 in late May, there were

Another Rally Coming for CAGC?

Since November 2009, China Agritech (CAGC) moved higher from $10 range to $30 by March 2010. Since then, it dropped more

Summer Months Are Finally Here!

Stock market performance in May 2010 has been one of the worst months in many years and even historically May has not performed well.  The good news is

Technical Analysis Is Important!

I once believed that stock prices are random and that nobody really can predict how stock prices will move in the future.  Since then, I have learned that investors can predict the stock prices, but not 100% of the time.  We

SP500 Reached Major Support For The Second Time!

Today, we saw S&P 500 reaching 1040 and then immediately went on a rally.  It closed the day at 1074.  Now that S&P 500 reached 1040 level twice in 2010, there is a greater chance of breaking

Stock Market Pattern: Same as January-February Sell-Off?

Yesterday, we saw DOW Jones Index break its 200 day simple moving average at 10,258. This is very significant because many stock traders and stock analysts believe that 200 day simple

Update on GMTD, Gaming Trading Technology Company

On April 21, 2010, I had posted “Recent IPO Gaming Stock” on Long & Short Investment and stated that if GMTD breaks its resistance at $4.80, then I expected this stock to continue to

Has DOW Reached Its Peak And Now Headed In Reverse Direction?

According to the MarketClub, it looks like the stock market could be headed downward direction after hitting 61.8% Fibonacci

Invest in AmeriLithium

AmeriLithium (AMEL) is a tiny company that mines in Lithium in the area of Nevada, USA and Alberta, Canada. I have learned that many big investors are buying Lithium companies because they

GOOG at Resistance, NowHeaded Lower

After GOOG declining below $500 and $480, it has nicely retraced back to $520 level, it's key resistance.  Now that it completed it's retracement to its resistance, I am expecting GOOG to decline

Crtitical Support Broken in Google, Further Sell Off Possibility

Today Google decline $24 or 4.5% and finally broke its major support at $520.  Now that Google has successfully declined below its support, it is headed much lower.  In looking at a three

Video: DOW and 61.8% Fibonacci Retracement

MarketClub has released another video on DOW recently.  Adam says we should be cautious about the market going forward mainly because  it has reached 61.8% Fibonnacci Retracement in DOW.

Poker Time Anyone?

Is anyone into poker?  For me, poker always interest me but I never played with real money.  That is until last week... when I finally decided to play online poker.  I follow GreenMoneyLife blog

GOOGLE Near Major Support, What Next?

In the span of about one month, we saw GOOG decline from its high of $600 to now near $525.  I have posted in the past about GOOG's major support at $520.  The chart below depicts 9 months

Video on Long Term Outlook On The Stock Market

I found another video that I thought was interesting on the stock market chart analysis.  Kirk from The Option Write gives us an insight on the long term direction of the stock market by looking at

Positive Outlook for ATVI

Video games sales grew 6% in March after two  months of more than 10% declines.  This bodes well for Activision Blizzard  (ATVI).  ATVI upped its full year earnings last week citing strong

Recent IPO Gaming Stock

I recently ran into this interesting stock in the video gaming sector.  It’s called Game Trading Technologies (GMTD), which recently came to public.  It has since then made a partner with

Video: Gold Prediction

Adam from MarketClub has released a new video on Gold. Since the high in early December 2009, GOLD has been trading up and down for past 5 months. Each time it makes a move higher, it was

BloggerWave Could Explode Soon!

BloggerWave (BLGW) is a social media company such as Google and Facebook and uses the power of Blogs to promote products and services.  BloggerWave brings and connects Bloggers and

Can Ford Provide More Profit for Investors?

Ford (F) company made a nice recovery by shooting up almost 800% from its 2008 lows.  Many investors are thinking that there is no way Ford could go any higher considering recent recovery.

Potential in GRID ETF

Last week, there was a post on Long & Short Investment called Investing in Smart Grid and discussed potential in Smart Grid investment.  I would like to share today about an ETF in Smart Grid and whether it would be smart to invest in this ETF. 

A Small-Cap China Stock Declining More Than 50%

I ran into a small-cap China stock over the weekend that I thought was somewhat interesting.  Did you know that VisionChina Media (VISN) closed down more than 50% recently?  In January,

Investing in Smart Grid, Obama Calls Energy Super Highway

Many investors are looking for that next incredible opportunity, life changing profits in stocks that could potentially bring 20-fold in the next 5 to 10 years.  Just look at the top 10 performing

WH Losing Favor But Maintains 10% Dividend

Investors should not totally ignore any stock that is on the decline and losing interest from the investors. Just because a stock is on the decline does not mean it will continue to be on

Chinese Pharmaceuticals Stocks

Last week on Long & Short Investment, there were two posts on Long investment ideas in Chinese sectors.  We discussed two stocks in Green Agriculture sector on their potential upside from trying to minimize the massive pollution in China.  Also, we

Chinese Natural Gas Energy Stock

Previously on Long & Short Investment, I had posted an article on Chinese Green Agriculture Stocks and discussed the opportunities in Chinese stocks in 3 specific sectors: agriculture, energy, and medicine.  Two Chinese agriculture stocks were recommended as

Benjamin Zander’s TED Lecture – Classical Music

I know this post is an off topic but I wanted to share with my readers on this inspiring video on classical music.  Benjamin Zander is a British director of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra

Chinese Green Agriculture Stocks

China is still in the early stages of growth despite impressive gains past 20 years.  While US government is busy bailing out banks and car companies, China government is spending over $500 billion on

A Good Time to Go Long

One thing that investors must do is to avoid chasing stocks.  Although at times it can be successful since we know stocks are known to make runaway breakouts.  However, if you do chase

Video on Three US Indices

Adam from MarketClub talks about how the trend is up in all three indices but investors must be very careful and any Long positions must be kept with a very tight stops. Both the DOW and SP500

Ominous Signs Lurking in ENER

An energy company ENER has taken a big hit and continues to fall.  In looking at a nine month chart, ENER has been trading in a downward channel losing nearly 50% during this time frame.

Two ETFs Flying High

US Real Estate ETF (IYR) has been surprisingly performing well for past year despite the negative trends in the real estate market.  It is currently at its new recovery highs as it can been seen from

Video: Update on Gold

Adam from MarketClub provides his take on Gold in this video where he believes Gold in currently forming an energy field before making another big run up possibly into $1300-$1400 range. However, this is a long term projection. In short-term, there will be

Video: Key Levels to Watch

There is a new video at MarketClub by Adam.  He shares his thoughts on keys levels to watch for DOW (9835), NASQ (2100), and S&P500 (1044) indices.  If these key levels are broken in

LVS Ready to Make a Breakout?

On January there was an article about Las Vegas Sands Casino stock at Long & Short Investment recommending investors to wait for a better entry point to go Long on LVS when it was trading in the high $18 range, marked by a red circle in the six

Breakout Occurred in Goldman Sachs

Have you been following Goldman Sachs stock recently?  Last week, GS made a big breakout of its resistance level at $160 and it looks to be headed towards $180 range.  In looking at a six

Buffett Doubles Wal-Mart Shares

Warren Buffett doubled in Wal-Mart shares for the Berkshire investment.  This addition shows that Buffett has a very strong bet on Wal-Mart because there is a larger appeal to the

NEM Recently Experienced a Breakout! IAG Follows...

Newmont Mining Corporation (NEM) has been one of reasons why GDX is on the rise.  NEM has risen more than 20% just in February alone and it may not be done yet.  In looking at a 6 month chart,

AAPL Completing its Head & Shoulder Pattern

On February 2, 2010, almost 1 months ago, there was an article, “AAPL: Key Support at $185” on Long & Short Investment.   In this article, we discussed about the potential signs of a price reversal in Apple and pointed out that there is a head and shoulder

GOOG Reaches Resistance. What's next?

Last week on Long and Short Investment, there was an article on Google discussing about its support level at $520.  We saw that as soon as it hit $520, GOOG then took off and hit its resistance level yesterday at $545 before it drop to $541.  It is little

Buying Opportunity in GOLD: Mid-March

Adam from MarketClub has released a video on GoldHe takes a look at a new indicator called Donchian Channel Indicator and points out another cycle that is occurring in GOLD.  Using this

Two ETFs with High Potential

S&P Homebuilders ETF (XHB)  gained more than 3% last week and surprised many investors because there was a recent news that sales of new homes in December 2009 fell by 7.6% and it ended

Continual Selling Pressure Could Exist in the Solar Stocks

The solar stocks has not really been performing well recently and there could be further selling pressure into March 2010.  I have been following Solar Energy Index ETF (TAN) and it looks like it is setting itself for further decline.

Google Experiencing Negative Momentum

After declining almost $100 from its high early this year, we saw Google gaining back some of that loss in February.  Does this mean GOOG has made it out of the hole and should rally from here?  In looking at the technical analysis, it would seem as

How A Copper Company Can Bring Profit To Investors!

Many emerging nations such as Brazil, India and China are focused in building new infrastructures to accommodate their fast growing economy as we move into 2010 and beyond. This need will no doubt create a high demand for commodities that are used to build

Finding Value in BKPG

One of the difficult thing to do in trading stocks is to find value in penny stocks.  However, when you do find value in a penny stock, your reward can be large with huge profit.  I have been trying my

Two Stocks Emerging from Healthy Consolidation

There are 2 stocks that has emerged from a healthy consolidation and now taking off with a strong support behind them.

Mindray Medical International Limited (MR) experienced a break out from a healthy consolidation that occurred late 2009.  Its initial breakout was quickly

Video on Why Gold Will not Make New High Until 2011

Adam from MarketClub has released a new video on five reasons why Gold will not make a new high in 2010.  He has a very valid points as he examines the cyclical cycle of Gold once again.  From this video, you will realize that now is not the time to be buying

Profit From Uluru Pharmaceutical Company

Yesterday, I had posted an article on Long & Short Investment about 3 Beaten Down Stocks Ready For Reversal.  In this article, I had covered ULURU pharmaceutical company as a potential Buy.  I took a more careful examination of this stock today and I noticed a cycle that I wanted to share with my readers.  Check out the 1 year chart below.

3 Beaten Down Stocks Ready For Reversal

Wouldn’t it be nice if we can always buy stocks at low and sell at high?  Unfortunately, it is very difficult to do this.  However, we can try to buy at the bottom by looking for stocks that have lost interest with investors, and at the same time start to show early signs of reversal and low risk.  Today, I will be

Ways to Help You Deal With Debt

Many US households have consumer debt (excluding the mortgage debt) today with economy still trying to rebound. Because consumer debt is still on the rise, it is important for everyone to take full control over their debt. How can we do this? The experts in debt topics highly recommend what is called debt consolidation.

Understanding The Market Leaders in Technology: GOOG, AAPL, AMZN, IBM

To predict the market, it is always wise to examine the market leaders because the strength and weakness of the market is generally based on the market leaders.  When there is a weakness in the market leaders, it can serve as a warning that

GOLD Currently Forming an Energy Field?

Adam from MarketClub released a new video on GOLD.  He states that GOLD could be forming another energy field just like the time in mid last year before taking off in September 2009.  If this is

Is it True Restaurant Stocks at All-Time High? Part II

Last week, I had posted an article on Long & Short Investment covering how the American consumers are still eating out and willing to continue to spend despite the high unemployment rate.  It looks like this trend will not be ending anytime near future. 

Penny Stock: LTUM

Trading any penny stock is a big gamble. However, with some research and patience, we can turn this high risk trading in penny stock into great reward.  I have been following Lithium Corp, part

What's Next for GOLD?

After breaking its support around $1075 level, GOLD reached below $1040.  Recently, it made a nice retracement back to its resistance level at $1075.  GOLD should have difficulty breaking this resistance level at least for now.  That would mean GOLD will

Video on Dow: Histroy Repeat Itself?

Adam from MarketClub released another video today on DOW.  The video does a great job of looking at the past history in the early 1930s and trying to predict our current situation.  It points out

When Will American Express Move Up Again?

The American Express (AXP) retraced back up almost 400% from its low of 2009, and now it looks like it is on the decline again.  I wonder when will AXP be moving back up again and hopefully make a new high?

Update on GOOG: Will it Continue to Decline?

On January 4, 2010, I had posted an article on "How Would You Trade GOOG to Lock in Profit?" on Long & Short Investment recommending to go SHORT on GOOGLE.  Since then Google

Add Healthcare Before Too Late

Many stock analysts are recommending adding healthcare stocks to your portfolio and many mutual funds have been increasing their positions in healthcare sector.  Why are the investors attracted to healthcare sector?  Currently, many large healthcare companies

Update on Gold: Still has Some Room for Decline

On December 2, 2009 I posted an article "Alert: GOLD’s Potential To Fall From Current Level" on Long & Short Investment predicting that GOLD will come all the way down from above $1220 to $1080.  On Friday, February 5, 2010, Gold closed at $1066.50.  I

2 China Companies with Minimal Debt

I have posted an article on how there is a high potential in China Market and followed it with a caution by posting another article on bubble forming in China Economy. Today, I would like to discuss about two Chinese companies with no outstanding debt on Long & Short Investment.

Is it True Restaurant Stocks at All-Time High? Part I

Restaurant sector has been performing exceptionally well past year but has not been getting much interest from the news press.  Like all other sectors, restaurant stocks had a sharp decline during the bear market, but have made a strong come back so far with some companies even reaching all time highs.  Two restaurant

VIDEO: Using Cyclical in Crude Oil to Time the Market

Adam from MarketClub has released a video on Crude Oil and it is quite good. He points out the cyclical cycle that occurs in OIL going from low to low. If we time it just right, we could use it to

AAPL: Key Support at $185

Recently, it has been a roller coaster type of ride for Apple (AAPL) as it experienced a big sell-off last week going down from its high at $215 to $190.  However, it has made a positive move today with its close at $195 level.  In looking at one year chart, it looks

ETFs to Consider as Long-Term Investment Prospects in 2010

Investing in ETFs could be a better option for many investors than investing in a single company especially during current volatile stock market.  Many investors turn to ETFs because they provide great opportunity to invest in big part of the industries.  For these

Is FXI China ETF on the Decline?

I would like to take a look at FXI, which is an ETF representing the performance of the China equity market for international investors.  Looking at a 2 year chart, the top resistance level occurs around $47.  In November of last year, FXI formed a top at this level before the sell-off began.  It came all the way down to $38 level and currently at a decision point because the

Going LONG or SHORT in Rail Companies? Series III: UNP

This week on Long & Short Investment, we examined two Rail companies so far: CSX and NSC.  We found that both companies revealed very similar characteristics as both are headed much lower.  Today, we will apply technical analysis on UNP to see if it

Going LONG or SHORT in Rail Companies? Series II: NSC

Previously on Long & Short Investment, we applied technical analysis on CSX to determine where this stock is headed and when investors should be going LONG.  In looking at the technical analysis on Norfolk Southern Corporation, we see very similar

VIDEO on DOW Index

Adam from MarketClub has posted another video, this time on the DOW Index.  He points out that DOW is currently trading in a "thin air" in between the 50% and 61.8% Fibonacci retracement levels. 

Going LONG or SHORT in Rail Companies? Series I: CSX

I will be writing another series on Long & Short Investment covering Rail companies.  Generally, there could be some sell-off occurring in these Rail companies.  If we add these Rail companies to our portfolio at a right time, we could make some profit from

VIDEO: Recent S&P 500 Sell Off

Adam from MarketClub has posted a new video this year on the S&P 500.  He examines S&P 500 closely and determines that the market is heading lower after drawing the Fibonacci retracement

Bubbles Forming in Chinese Economy?

Last December, there was a post “High Potential in China“ on Long & Short Investment discussing several high potential ETFs from Chinese stock market. Since then, I learned of new statistics regarding Chinese Economy that reveals potential bubbles.  I found

Correlation Between Stock Market and SPY ETF

In examining SPY ETF, it is still looking strong as recent stock market sell-off brought SPY to its 50 day moving average at around $111.50.  As long as it does not break $111.50 level, then

Why Big Banks Are Red and Small Banks are Green?

Today, President Obama announced that he plans to increase regulation on large banks by preserving banks ability to take risk and strengthening the money system.  This news caused large financial companies to sell off causing the stock market to decline almost by 2%. 

Big Profit From GS and EBAY But Higher Jobless Claims

It could be an interesting day…

Goldman Sachs posted a better than expected 4th quarter profit and Ebay also posted better than expected 4th quarter profit, both significantly beating analysts’ expectation.

Is Walgreen (WAG) Undervalued?

Walgreen’s strategy is to maintain constant and reliable growth by adding new stores, renovate existing stores, cut operating costs, and improve on their customer service.  Their sales has been on increase in 2009 and should continue into 2010.  Also, their

S&P 500 Retracement AND Buying Opportunity for GOLD

Previously on Long & Short Investment there was an article on S&P 500 Next Resistance Level and discussed how difficult it will be for S&P 500 to break $1150 level. Since 2010 S&P 500 has been pretty much trading in between $1135 and $1150. This trading pattern could come to an end with today’s big decline

Investment in Casino Stocks Series IV: Wynn Resorts

The final series of the Investment in Casino Stocks on Long & Short Investment is regarding Wynn Resorts.  In previous series, we applied technical analysis and presented concrete data on the potential direction of three stocks: Las Vegas Sands, MGM Mirage, and Vail Resorts.   Although these three casino stocks can soon present great buying opportunities, I would argue Wynn Resorts

Investment in Casino Stocks Series III: Vail Resorts

This article is series number 3 of 4 covering Investment in Casino Stocks on Long & Short Investment.  Both the Investment in Casino Stocks Series I: Las Vegas Sands and the Investment in Casino Stocks Series II: MGM Mirage presented a good opportunity to go LONG based on fundamental and technical analysis.

Investment in Casino Stocks Series II: MGM Mirage

Last week's post “Investment in Casino Stocks Series I: Las Vegas Sands on Long & Short Investment presented a good strategy for entry point for LVS.  Similarly in Series II of Investment in Casino Stocks, MGM Mirage also presents a good buying opportunity.  Looking at one year chart of MGM, there is a clear descending trend line that has been consolidating for the past several months

Investment in Casino Stocks Series I: Las Vegas Sands

Las Vegas Sands Casino stock has been doing very well past year. It has been making newer highs with higher lows, which is a very positive trend for any stocks. See the one year chart with several trend lines based on the technical analysis. The descending trend

BIDU, Monopoly in China?

On January 6, 2010, I had posted an article “Baidu At Decision Point... Up or Down?” on Long & Short Investment with my prediction that BIDU will go up.  Looking at BIDU’s four year chart, there is a major resistance level at around $443. If BIDU closes

High Yielding Savings Accounts

Today finding a high interest yielding savings account is very difficult as the Fed Funds rate came down to almost 0%.

Google Threatening China to Leave their Market

After the news hit about Google threatens to leave China, Google stock took a hit and dropped about 2% in the after-hour trading. Conversely, Baidu rallied about $60 or 16% due to the potential for getting even greater market shares in search engine once Google

Popular Currency ETFs…

I enjoy posting articles related to the Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) on Long & Short Investment.  ETFs are popular with investors in the stock market industry mainly because they provide great investment opportunities in areas where it is difficult to take

Will S&P 500 Break the Next Resistance Level?

Last month, I posted an article on how S&P 500 would have difficulty breaking pass its 50% Fibonacci Retracement level on Long & Short Investment. We now know that 50% Fibonacci Retracement level was easily broken and has recently made it all the way to $1150. $1150 marks the next major resistance level

MOO at 61.8% Fibonacci Retracement Level

I have posted my recommendation on shorting several stocks in the past (GOOG, LUV, ASH, DTG, XOM) on Long & Short Investment. Today, I will be looking at another short potential on an ETF. Looking at a two year chart on MOO ETF, we see that this agricultural business ETF more than doubled from its low of $20 per share around November 2008. It has now retraced back to

Santa Clause Really Does Exist!

I had posted an article “Interesting Historical Trend for DOW” on Long & Short Investment on December 18, 2009. Honestly, I was a little skeptical on any positive potential gain in the stock market

Follow Warren Buffett Long-Term Stock Picks

Do you follow Warren Buffett's philosophy in stock market and his stock picks?  There are many investors who do exactly this, follow Warren Buffett's moves regarding his stock holdings.  To start 2010, the year of Tiger in Chinese Zodiac, I would like to look at stocks currently owned by Warren Buffett as a long-term investment stragegy.  His investment strategy requires not only discipline but also patience. His main strategy is to buy the best companies in the market that are trading at a discount.  We should welcome these stocks to our portfolio and consider holding onto these stocks for the next 10+ years.

GOOGLE: Is It Time to Go LONG?

Previously on Long and Short Investment, there was an article on how we should be SHORTING GOOG with a tight stop when it was slightly above $625. We came to this decision by using a fundamental and technical analysis on the GOOG stock. Since

A Quick Note on GLD, GOLD ETF…

GLD has made a nice run up since late December 2009 when we first pointed out the possibility of going LONG in the

Baidu At Decision Point... Up or Down?

Recently, we covered US Internet search provider, Google, by using fundamental analysis and technical analysis on Long & Short Investment. I thought it would be a fit to examine Internet search provider from China using the same fundamental analysis

A Turning Point for XOM Exxon Mobil

Last December 2009, I recommended three stocks for possible SHORT Trades on Long & Short Investment: BEN (Franklin Resources), DTG (Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group), and ASH (Ashland). I still recommend holding onto these three stocks as SHORT positions and along with them, I would like to consider adding Exxon Mobil.

How Would You Trade GOOG to Lock in Profit?

I am constantly trying to come up with good ideas to trade stocks to lock in profit and I try my best to share my ideas on Long and Short Investment. I would love to hear your opinion on my recommendations, whether it is good or bad move.