Continual Selling Pressure Could Exist in the Solar Stocks

The solar stocks has not really been performing well recently and there could be further selling pressure into March 2010.  I have been following Solar Energy Index ETF (TAN) and it looks like it is setting itself for further decline.

Google Experiencing Negative Momentum

After declining almost $100 from its high early this year, we saw Google gaining back some of that loss in February.  Does this mean GOOG has made it out of the hole and should rally from here?  In looking at the technical analysis, it would seem as

How A Copper Company Can Bring Profit To Investors!

Many emerging nations such as Brazil, India and China are focused in building new infrastructures to accommodate their fast growing economy as we move into 2010 and beyond. This need will no doubt create a high demand for commodities that are used to build

Finding Value in BKPG

One of the difficult thing to do in trading stocks is to find value in penny stocks.  However, when you do find value in a penny stock, your reward can be large with huge profit.  I have been trying my

Two Stocks Emerging from Healthy Consolidation

There are 2 stocks that has emerged from a healthy consolidation and now taking off with a strong support behind them.

Mindray Medical International Limited (MR) experienced a break out from a healthy consolidation that occurred late 2009.  Its initial breakout was quickly

Video on Why Gold Will not Make New High Until 2011

Adam from MarketClub has released a new video on five reasons why Gold will not make a new high in 2010.  He has a very valid points as he examines the cyclical cycle of Gold once again.  From this video, you will realize that now is not the time to be buying

Profit From Uluru Pharmaceutical Company

Yesterday, I had posted an article on Long & Short Investment about 3 Beaten Down Stocks Ready For Reversal.  In this article, I had covered ULURU pharmaceutical company as a potential Buy.  I took a more careful examination of this stock today and I noticed a cycle that I wanted to share with my readers.  Check out the 1 year chart below.

3 Beaten Down Stocks Ready For Reversal

Wouldn’t it be nice if we can always buy stocks at low and sell at high?  Unfortunately, it is very difficult to do this.  However, we can try to buy at the bottom by looking for stocks that have lost interest with investors, and at the same time start to show early signs of reversal and low risk.  Today, I will be

Ways to Help You Deal With Debt

Many US households have consumer debt (excluding the mortgage debt) today with economy still trying to rebound. Because consumer debt is still on the rise, it is important for everyone to take full control over their debt. How can we do this? The experts in debt topics highly recommend what is called debt consolidation.

Understanding The Market Leaders in Technology: GOOG, AAPL, AMZN, IBM

To predict the market, it is always wise to examine the market leaders because the strength and weakness of the market is generally based on the market leaders.  When there is a weakness in the market leaders, it can serve as a warning that

GOLD Currently Forming an Energy Field?

Adam from MarketClub released a new video on GOLD.  He states that GOLD could be forming another energy field just like the time in mid last year before taking off in September 2009.  If this is

Is it True Restaurant Stocks at All-Time High? Part II

Last week, I had posted an article on Long & Short Investment covering how the American consumers are still eating out and willing to continue to spend despite the high unemployment rate.  It looks like this trend will not be ending anytime near future. 

Penny Stock: LTUM

Trading any penny stock is a big gamble. However, with some research and patience, we can turn this high risk trading in penny stock into great reward.  I have been following Lithium Corp, part

What's Next for GOLD?

After breaking its support around $1075 level, GOLD reached below $1040.  Recently, it made a nice retracement back to its resistance level at $1075.  GOLD should have difficulty breaking this resistance level at least for now.  That would mean GOLD will

Video on Dow: Histroy Repeat Itself?

Adam from MarketClub released another video today on DOW.  The video does a great job of looking at the past history in the early 1930s and trying to predict our current situation.  It points out

When Will American Express Move Up Again?

The American Express (AXP) retraced back up almost 400% from its low of 2009, and now it looks like it is on the decline again.  I wonder when will AXP be moving back up again and hopefully make a new high?

Update on GOOG: Will it Continue to Decline?

On January 4, 2010, I had posted an article on "How Would You Trade GOOG to Lock in Profit?" on Long & Short Investment recommending to go SHORT on GOOGLE.  Since then Google

Add Healthcare Before Too Late

Many stock analysts are recommending adding healthcare stocks to your portfolio and many mutual funds have been increasing their positions in healthcare sector.  Why are the investors attracted to healthcare sector?  Currently, many large healthcare companies

Update on Gold: Still has Some Room for Decline

On December 2, 2009 I posted an article "Alert: GOLD’s Potential To Fall From Current Level" on Long & Short Investment predicting that GOLD will come all the way down from above $1220 to $1080.  On Friday, February 5, 2010, Gold closed at $1066.50.  I

2 China Companies with Minimal Debt

I have posted an article on how there is a high potential in China Market and followed it with a caution by posting another article on bubble forming in China Economy. Today, I would like to discuss about two Chinese companies with no outstanding debt on Long & Short Investment.

Is it True Restaurant Stocks at All-Time High? Part I

Restaurant sector has been performing exceptionally well past year but has not been getting much interest from the news press.  Like all other sectors, restaurant stocks had a sharp decline during the bear market, but have made a strong come back so far with some companies even reaching all time highs.  Two restaurant

VIDEO: Using Cyclical in Crude Oil to Time the Market

Adam from MarketClub has released a video on Crude Oil and it is quite good. He points out the cyclical cycle that occurs in OIL going from low to low. If we time it just right, we could use it to

AAPL: Key Support at $185

Recently, it has been a roller coaster type of ride for Apple (AAPL) as it experienced a big sell-off last week going down from its high at $215 to $190.  However, it has made a positive move today with its close at $195 level.  In looking at one year chart, it looks

ETFs to Consider as Long-Term Investment Prospects in 2010

Investing in ETFs could be a better option for many investors than investing in a single company especially during current volatile stock market.  Many investors turn to ETFs because they provide great opportunity to invest in big part of the industries.  For these