GOOGLE Near Major Support, What Next?

In the span of about one month, we saw GOOG decline from its high of $600 to now near $525.  I have posted in the past about GOOG's major support at $520.  The chart below depicts 9 months

Video on Long Term Outlook On The Stock Market

I found another video that I thought was interesting on the stock market chart analysis.  Kirk from The Option Write gives us an insight on the long term direction of the stock market by looking at

Positive Outlook for ATVI

Video games sales grew 6% in March after two  months of more than 10% declines.  This bodes well for Activision Blizzard  (ATVI).  ATVI upped its full year earnings last week citing strong

Recent IPO Gaming Stock

I recently ran into this interesting stock in the video gaming sector.  It’s called Game Trading Technologies (GMTD), which recently came to public.  It has since then made a partner with

Video: Gold Prediction

Adam from MarketClub has released a new video on Gold. Since the high in early December 2009, GOLD has been trading up and down for past 5 months. Each time it makes a move higher, it was

BloggerWave Could Explode Soon!

BloggerWave (BLGW) is a social media company such as Google and Facebook and uses the power of Blogs to promote products and services.  BloggerWave brings and connects Bloggers and

Can Ford Provide More Profit for Investors?

Ford (F) company made a nice recovery by shooting up almost 800% from its 2008 lows.  Many investors are thinking that there is no way Ford could go any higher considering recent recovery.

Potential in GRID ETF

Last week, there was a post on Long & Short Investment called Investing in Smart Grid and discussed potential in Smart Grid investment.  I would like to share today about an ETF in Smart Grid and whether it would be smart to invest in this ETF. 

A Small-Cap China Stock Declining More Than 50%

I ran into a small-cap China stock over the weekend that I thought was somewhat interesting.  Did you know that VisionChina Media (VISN) closed down more than 50% recently?  In January,

Investing in Smart Grid, Obama Calls Energy Super Highway

Many investors are looking for that next incredible opportunity, life changing profits in stocks that could potentially bring 20-fold in the next 5 to 10 years.  Just look at the top 10 performing