WH Losing Favor But Maintains 10% Dividend

Investors should not totally ignore any stock that is on the decline and losing interest from the investors. Just because a stock is on the decline does not mean it will continue to be on

Chinese Pharmaceuticals Stocks

Last week on Long & Short Investment, there were two posts on Long investment ideas in Chinese sectors.  We discussed two stocks in Green Agriculture sector on their potential upside from trying to minimize the massive pollution in China.  Also, we

Chinese Natural Gas Energy Stock

Previously on Long & Short Investment, I had posted an article on Chinese Green Agriculture Stocks and discussed the opportunities in Chinese stocks in 3 specific sectors: agriculture, energy, and medicine.  Two Chinese agriculture stocks were recommended as

Benjamin Zander’s TED Lecture – Classical Music

I know this post is an off topic but I wanted to share with my readers on this inspiring video on classical music.  Benjamin Zander is a British director of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra

Chinese Green Agriculture Stocks

China is still in the early stages of growth despite impressive gains past 20 years.  While US government is busy bailing out banks and car companies, China government is spending over $500 billion on

A Good Time to Go Long

One thing that investors must do is to avoid chasing stocks.  Although at times it can be successful since we know stocks are known to make runaway breakouts.  However, if you do chase

Video on Three US Indices

Adam from MarketClub talks about how the trend is up in all three indices but investors must be very careful and any Long positions must be kept with a very tight stops. Both the DOW and SP500

Ominous Signs Lurking in ENER

An energy company ENER has taken a big hit and continues to fall.  In looking at a nine month chart, ENER has been trading in a downward channel losing nearly 50% during this time frame.

Two ETFs Flying High

US Real Estate ETF (IYR) has been surprisingly performing well for past year despite the negative trends in the real estate market.  It is currently at its new recovery highs as it can been seen from

Video: Update on Gold

Adam from MarketClub provides his take on Gold in this video where he believes Gold in currently forming an energy field before making another big run up possibly into $1300-$1400 range. However, this is a long term projection. In short-term, there will be

Video: Key Levels to Watch

There is a new video at MarketClub by Adam.  He shares his thoughts on keys levels to watch for DOW (9835), NASQ (2100), and S&P500 (1044) indices.  If these key levels are broken in

LVS Ready to Make a Breakout?

On January there was an article about Las Vegas Sands Casino stock at Long & Short Investment recommending investors to wait for a better entry point to go Long on LVS when it was trading in the high $18 range, marked by a red circle in the six

Breakout Occurred in Goldman Sachs

Have you been following Goldman Sachs stock recently?  Last week, GS made a big breakout of its resistance level at $160 and it looks to be headed towards $180 range.  In looking at a six

Buffett Doubles Wal-Mart Shares

Warren Buffett doubled in Wal-Mart shares for the Berkshire investment.  This addition shows that Buffett has a very strong bet on Wal-Mart because there is a larger appeal to the

NEM Recently Experienced a Breakout! IAG Follows...

Newmont Mining Corporation (NEM) has been one of reasons why GDX is on the rise.  NEM has risen more than 20% just in February alone and it may not be done yet.  In looking at a 6 month chart,

AAPL Completing its Head & Shoulder Pattern

On February 2, 2010, almost 1 months ago, there was an article, “AAPL: Key Support at $185” on Long & Short Investment.   In this article, we discussed about the potential signs of a price reversal in Apple and pointed out that there is a head and shoulder

GOOG Reaches Resistance. What's next?

Last week on Long and Short Investment, there was an article on Google discussing about its support level at $520.  We saw that as soon as it hit $520, GOOG then took off and hit its resistance level yesterday at $545 before it drop to $541.  It is little

Buying Opportunity in GOLD: Mid-March

Adam from MarketClub has released a video on GoldHe takes a look at a new indicator called Donchian Channel Indicator and points out another cycle that is occurring in GOLD.  Using this

Two ETFs with High Potential

S&P Homebuilders ETF (XHB)  gained more than 3% last week and surprised many investors because there was a recent news that sales of new homes in December 2009 fell by 7.6% and it ended