Technical Analysis Is Important!

I once believed that stock prices are random and that nobody really can predict how stock prices will move in the future.  Since then, I have learned that investors can predict the stock prices, but not 100% of the time.  We

SP500 Reached Major Support For The Second Time!

Today, we saw S&P 500 reaching 1040 and then immediately went on a rally.  It closed the day at 1074.  Now that S&P 500 reached 1040 level twice in 2010, there is a greater chance of breaking

Stock Market Pattern: Same as January-February Sell-Off?

Yesterday, we saw DOW Jones Index break its 200 day simple moving average at 10,258. This is very significant because many stock traders and stock analysts believe that 200 day simple

Update on GMTD, Gaming Trading Technology Company

On April 21, 2010, I had posted “Recent IPO Gaming Stock” on Long & Short Investment and stated that if GMTD breaks its resistance at $4.80, then I expected this stock to continue to

Has DOW Reached Its Peak And Now Headed In Reverse Direction?

According to the MarketClub, it looks like the stock market could be headed downward direction after hitting 61.8% Fibonacci

Invest in AmeriLithium

AmeriLithium (AMEL) is a tiny company that mines in Lithium in the area of Nevada, USA and Alberta, Canada. I have learned that many big investors are buying Lithium companies because they

GOOG at Resistance, NowHeaded Lower

After GOOG declining below $500 and $480, it has nicely retraced back to $520 level, it's key resistance.  Now that it completed it's retracement to its resistance, I am expecting GOOG to decline

Crtitical Support Broken in Google, Further Sell Off Possibility

Today Google decline $24 or 4.5% and finally broke its major support at $520.  Now that Google has successfully declined below its support, it is headed much lower.  In looking at a three

Video: DOW and 61.8% Fibonacci Retracement

MarketClub has released another video on DOW recently.  Adam says we should be cautious about the market going forward mainly because  it has reached 61.8% Fibonnacci Retracement in DOW.

Poker Time Anyone?

Is anyone into poker?  For me, poker always interest me but I never played with real money.  That is until last week... when I finally decided to play online poker.  I follow GreenMoneyLife blog