Trading Strategy After Yesterday's Sell-Off

Yesterday, we saw S&P 500 reach its major support level once again after market sell-off. The good news is that the future is positive this morning and should bode well throughout the day.

Learn To Spot Divergences using RSI

When there is a new high or a new low in the market, what happens in the momentum of the market movement?  To determine the momentum, RSI Indicator (Relative Strength Index Indicator) can be used.  Adam from MarketClub teaches us in this video why RSI is important and how to spot divergences in the market.

A Critical Support in GS

Goldman Sachs (GS) had a very positive move higher from lows below $70 to highs above $190 in 2009. Since then, GS has started to fall and recently it fell all the way to $130 range. This

What Lessons Can We Learn From Worst Performing Stock in 2010?

Have you heard of Monsanto (MON)?  MON is one of the worst performing stock from SP500 in 2010.  Just couple of years ago, MON was one of the best performing stocks  MON in 2003 was trading near $10 and took next 5 years to make all time high at $140.  Today, it is trading near $50.

The Weekend Rule Metrics for June 18

 I started to keep track of stocks that made new 52 week high last Friday in order to validate or invalidate the Weekend Rule.  For this past weekend, it would have been more profitable if stocks

Direction of the Stock Market

Last week on Long & Short Investment, I had written about "Fibonacci Retracement in S&P 500" to determine the direction of th Stock Market.  I pointed out potential breakout to 50%

Trading Strategy for ERY ETF

I recently went Long on ERY ETF early last week mainly because I felt that ERY is currently at its major support level (9 month trend).  At the same time, the stock market indices such as S&P

Video: Spot Gold at New 52 Week High

It looks like Spot Gold is now headed to $1,300 since it broke its previous high yesterday and closed at a new high. See Adam’s video from MarketClub for more detailed analysis of the Gold

Video: The Weekend Rule

Adam from MarketClub has released a video on the weekend rule.  This rule is interesting in that investors can take small profit with a very little risk in a short period of time.  Basically, you can buy a

How Do You Plan To Trade CAGC?

Did you sell your CAGC shares yesterday? Previously, I discussed support and resistance levels for CAGC in “CAGC In Rally Mode! How High Will It Go?” on Long & Short Investment. I stated that I

Fibonacci Retracement Levels in S&P 500 Index

If you draw a Fibonacci Retracement level from its recent high (@1,220) to recent low (@1,040), you can see why the market has not gone past 1,110 level.  1,110 marks the 38.2%

CAGC In Rally Mode! How High Will It Go?

Last week, I had posted about CAGC potential rally if S&P 500 fails to break its major support at 1040.  Sure enough, S&P 500 never broke its support and we experienced a strong rally in CAGC,

DOW Jones: Its Support & Resistance Levels

When I performed technical analysis on DOW index 2 months chart, I saw some clear and easy prediction on where DOW is headed. Once DOW index broke 10,350 in late May, there were

Another Rally Coming for CAGC?

Since November 2009, China Agritech (CAGC) moved higher from $10 range to $30 by March 2010. Since then, it dropped more

Summer Months Are Finally Here!

Stock market performance in May 2010 has been one of the worst months in many years and even historically May has not performed well.  The good news is