Video: Excellent Summary of Stock Market and Oil

This is an excellent summary of technical analysis on the S&P500 and Crude Oil.  I highly recommend all traders to watch this short video prior to trading the week of April 11, 2011.  There should be a lot of opportunities for Option trading.

My Next Option Trading Idea - NFLX

This is my next option trading strategy…

Align S&P500 1320 level with NFLX at $240 level. If NFLX is trading at or above $240 as S&P500 hits 1320 level today, then I plan to buy PUT Option for NFLX ($220 Target for May) and ride down towards $230. Sell once it reaches $230 level. When NFLX reached $240 range earlier this year, it tanked below $200. I think it will take a similar course again but this time it will not fall as steep as before. Maybe $220 level…

Keep in mind that you have to know when to exit your position if it does not work out the way you expected. I recommend selling immediately if S&P500 continues to go higher... Once it crosses $1325, I take it as a sign to exit your position even though it could be a "BULL TRAP".

UPDATED COB 3/29/11:
The way the stock market closed today near 1320 for S&P500, I think it will be a great time to short next couple of days.  I was hoping that NFLX would close near $240 but it only made it to $237.  I would buy PUT Option for NFLX tomorrow AM (wait until at least 9:50am or so) if the market opens slightly higher.  If it opens much higher, then all bets are off...  If it opens lower then I would wait for it to come back to 1320 level again before entering PUT position.

By the way, did anyone buy PUT Option for TM recently?  It should continue to decline...

Video on Potential Direction of Market Last Week of March

Last week, we experienced a great run higher after the disaster in Japan several weeks ago.  Will the stock market run out of steam this week?  Check out potential trading strategy in USO, as it may go down this week causing the stock market to continue to move higher...  Would you consider PUT Option in USO this week?  Check out this video and form your own opinion.

Here is my recommendation on trading Options for Monday, March 28:
  • Buy PUT Option for USO as there is potential for it to decline this week.
  • Buy CALL Options on high volume stocks such as GOOG, AAPL, NFLX.
For both of these trades, your exit strategy would be to sell Options as S&P500 reaches 1330 level.
If stock market heads lower instead of higher tomorrow, then wait to buy any Option until S&P500 reaches 1295-1300.  Obviously you would buy CALLs at that level.

Two Stocks With Great Returns in 2011

Two stocks that have the potential for great returns this year...  Watch this video to find out which two stocks.

It also discusses target levels where you should be exiting the position.  Let me know your thoughts on these two stocks and whether you have made profits later...

GOLD & SILVER are HOT Commodity

MarcketClub has posted a new video on Gold today.  It looks like Gold is header into $1700 per ounce by end of September.  Good time to go long now...  Also, check out Silver!

Video on Candlestick Pattern Stock Lesson

Using MACD Indicator to Exit Stocks

Can Nuance Communications Become the Next APPL?

Here is an interesting company called Nuance Communications (NUAN).  They provide dictation services or better known as speech recognition for automating information to other businesses and organizations such as

Six Month Positive Trend In BIDU, Will It Continue?

Here is a quick update on BIDU.  Below is a six month view of BIDU with a positive slope trend line.  What do you think will happen next?  Most likely scenario will be the failure in BIDU making a

Will History Repeat for S&P 500?

I noticed an interesting pattern forming in S&P 500 index. After a big gain on October 5, 2010 (point A), S&P 500 took next 21 trading days to slowly increase from about 1160 to 1200. Then,

Video Technical Analysis on S&P 500

Today, we experienced a new YTD high in S&P 500 index at 1254.  Where do you think the stock market is headed next especially as we start a new year?  This video gives a decent scenario on one possible  future direction of S&P 500.

Video on Technical Indicator: Williams %R

I recently learned a new technical indicator called Williams %R.  It is very interesting as it can give information on when to buy and when to sell securities.  MarketClub released a video explaining how to use Williams %R to your advantage and uses Crude Oil historical chart as an example.

Stock Market Rallies Again As Retails Profits

As consumers spend more money after Thanksgiving, the stock market sharply rises this week expecting that the economy is getting better.  Past two days, DOW jumped more than 300 points and should continue moving higher towards 11,450 range.  Think about how long this rally will last and what would be a good exit strategy as you watch this video.

How to Strategize During Consolidation in the Stock Market

When you take a look at past 9 or 10 trading days, the stock market has been moving up and down within 1-2% range.  Right now, neither buyer nor sellers are stepping up to the plate and driving the stock market.  In S&P 500

Explaining Quantitative Easing QE2 - Must Watch Video!

This is a nicely made video on QE2.  It explains quantitative easing and how feds are using our money.  Can you find any false information from this video?  You won't because everything is accurate!  It's very scary...