How to Strategize During Consolidation in the Stock Market

When you take a look at past 9 or 10 trading days, the stock market has been moving up and down within 1-2% range.  Right now, neither buyer nor sellers are stepping up to the plate and driving the stock market.  In S&P 500

Explaining Quantitative Easing QE2 - Must Watch Video!

This is a nicely made video on QE2.  It explains quantitative easing and how feds are using our money.  Can you find any false information from this video?  You won't because everything is accurate!  It's very scary...

S&P 500 Between 20 and 50 Day EMA

Today, I would like to take a closer look at what happened to the market specifically in S&P 500.  When you apply technical analysis by examining Exponential Moving Average (EMA), there was a break in 20 day EMA and is heading quickly towards 50 EMA at 1168.  My guess is that we will see S&P

Preparing For Long Opportunity in Gold

Have you sold your position in Gold when it was at its recent high?  If you had known about “The Weekend Rule”, then you are probably out of Gold market last week after selling at its high.  Since last week, we know Gold has been on decline and Adam from

How to Analyze Stocks Using Symmetrical Triangles

There are three types of triangle patterns: symmetrical, ascending and descending.  Symmetrical triangles are generally considered neutral, ascending triangles are bullish, and descending triangles are bearish.  Today, symmetrical triangles will be discussed and will defer the other two types of

Long or Short?

Now that S&P500 is near 1220 level, what should investors be expecting from the stock market?  Back in Mid-October, I had posted “Follow S&P 500 Next Two Weeks” on Money Green Life as

FAZ Offers Opportunity For Investors

I hope everyone had a great Halloween!  It was little chilly but it was fun.  I was looking at several stocks yesterday while handing candies to trick or treaters and noticed something interesting in FAZ.  Remember that FAZ is an investment fund that is inverse of financial index performance.  As financial