Can Nuance Communications Become the Next APPL?

Here is an interesting company called Nuance Communications (NUAN).  They provide dictation services or better known as speech recognition for automating information to other businesses and organizations such as hospitals and physicians.  Their next target for Nuance Communications could possibly be mobile communications such as the iPhone and other smart phones.  I would predict that NUAN could be a great long term investment.

In looking at three year chart, we can see that NUAN recently made a major breakout of its resistance level around $18.50.  In nwxt year or two, I expect NUAN to continue its rally and should double or even triple current price.  However in the first part of 2011, I expect this stock to be volatile with peaks and valleys.  I recommend investors to do some research on NUAN.  What is your price target range for NUAN by the end of 2012?

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