Recent IPO Gaming Stock

I recently ran into this interesting stock in the video gaming sector.  It’s called Game Trading Technologies (GMTD), which recently came to public.  It has since then made a partner with
7-Eleven to introduce games below $20 to over 3000 US stores.  I know partnering with 7-Eleven isn’t a jaw dropping move by GMTD but it is a good start and should bring in more revenue.  In looking at its chart, it has been trading mainly between $4.50 and $4.80 for past 2 months or so with couple of attempts to break this trend both directions.  If GMTD breaks its resistance level at $4.80, then I expect it to continue to move higher.  However, if it breaks its support at $4.50, then it could move into $3 range.  This stock is still very risky but I wanted to at least introduce to everyone so that we can keep an eye out.

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