The Weekend Rule Metrics for June 18

 I started to keep track of stocks that made new 52 week high last Friday in order to validate or invalidate the Weekend Rule.  For this past weekend, it would have been more profitable if stocks
were sold on Monday at open due to the “Bull Trap” situation.  However, if stocks were bought as soon as it made a new 52 week high on Friday, you would have still made some profit even if you sold Tuesday at open.  See the table below.

Out of 9 stocks, only 2 stocks failed to make positive profit.  The highest profit was ENTR with 6.8% gain within the 3 day trading period, followed by FSII and LCUT with 5.3% and 4.8% respectively.  This is just one set of data so we cannot base our conclusion on it.  I will continue to collect data on the Weekend Rule on weekly basis to see what the trend is.  Visit next week for another sample data.

Someone made a comment to me by saying that last Friday was a quadruple witching expiration with enormous short squeeze  price action that ARTIFICALLY dictated a new 52 week high and this it was not our ordinary Friday closing.  So, possibly this was the reason why the Weekend Rule did not work too well for this past week.

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