Should Investors Be Buying Ford Now?

After hitting its low at $1.43 in early 2009, Ford (F) has made a remarkable recovery hitting high of $14.46 in 2010.  Since then, it has given up some of its gain and now trades at $10 per share.
  The question investors are asking is how much more will F decline before it starts climbing higher again into high $10s.  To answer this question, I took a look at Fibonacci Retracement levels using its recent high and low.

Below is a 2 year daily chart of Ford with its Fibonacci Retracement levels.  Currently, Ford is near its 38.2% retracement as it is headed towards $9.48 level.

23.6%   @ 11.38
38.2%   @ 9.48
50.0%   @ 7.95
61.8%   @ 6.41

My prediction is that Ford will decline even further beyond 38.2% and will reach 50% retracement level at $7.95.  I do not currently own Ford stock but definitely will be buying if Ford falls to $8 range.  What a great buying opportunity will that be!  But first, let’s see if Ford falls to $9.48 and then we can get excited about $8.

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