Follow Warren Buffett Long-Term Stock Picks

Do you follow Warren Buffett's philosophy in stock market and his stock picks?  There are many investors who do exactly this, follow Warren Buffett's moves regarding his stock holdings.  To start 2010, the year of Tiger in Chinese Zodiac, I would like to look at stocks currently owned by Warren Buffett as a long-term investment stragegy.  His investment strategy requires not only discipline but also patience. His main strategy is to buy the best companies in the market that are trading at a discount.  We should welcome these stocks to our portfolio and consider holding onto these stocks for the next 10+ years.

All these companies generated great returns in 2009 so I would be cautious about adding them to your portfolio at this time. I would consider waiting until the market correction before buying any of these companies.

Warren Buffett Top 10 Holdings in 2009
KO (Coca Cola Co) – 19.0%
WFC (Wells Fargo) – 15.6% (Increased in position by 3.6%)
BNI (Burlington N Sante) – 10.8%
PG (Procter Gamble) – 9.9%
AXP (American Express) – 9.1%
KFT (Kraft Foods) – 6.4%
COP (ConocoPhillips) – 4.6% (Decreased in position by 11% in 2009)
JNJ (Johnson and Johns) – 4.0%
WMT (Walmart Stores) – 3.3%
WSC (Wesco Financials) – 3.3%

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