Baidu At Decision Point... Up or Down?

Recently, we covered US Internet search provider, Google, by using fundamental analysis and technical analysis on Long & Short Investment. I thought it would be a fit to examine Internet search provider from China using the same fundamental analysis
and technical analysis. By now, most investors are aware of Baidu (BIDU). Some analysts even say the potential for BIDU is tremendous due to expansion in China. I do not currently own BIDU but am looking for a good entry point. Check out the 9 months chart of BIDU. As you can see clearly, there is a strong upward support line and currently is at a decision point. It could bounce off of the support line and move higher. Or, it could break this support line and go down lower. I would like to predict BIDU will be unable to break the support line and go up from here. What’s your prediction?

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