AAPL Completing its Head & Shoulder Pattern

On February 2, 2010, almost 1 months ago, there was an article, “AAPL: Key Support at $185” on Long & Short Investment.   In this article, we discussed about the potential signs of a price reversal in Apple and pointed out that there is a head and shoulder
pattern forming.   In looking at AAPL today, the right shoulder has almost formed currently trading around $209-$210.  We should keep this in mind as AAPL could potentially fall to $185 and then down to possibly $155.  However, $185 is still a major support so it would be difficult to break.  Also, I have seen some head and shoulder pattern fail and when there is a failed head and shoulder pattern, the stock usually moves higher very quickly.  We should watch AAPL carefully to see if there will be a complete head and shoulder pattern in March.

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