LVS Ready to Make a Breakout?

On January there was an article about Las Vegas Sands Casino stock at Long & Short Investment recommending investors to wait for a better entry point to go Long on LVS when it was trading in the high $18 range, marked by a red circle in the six
month chart below.  Sure enough, soon thereafter, LVS started declined all the way down to its support level at around $15 before moving higher again.

A closer look at the chart shows that LVS has been trading in a consolidation range between support at $15 and resistance at $19.  Is LVS ready for a break out from this consolidation range that started 5 months ago?  If LVS successfully breaks out, then I expect it to go up much higher into the 20’s.  Keep in mind that current resistance level at $19 will turn into a critical support level so there will be retracement back down to $19 if indeed LVS makes a break out.  If enough buyers cannot push LVS out of this consolidation range, then I expect another retracement back down to $15 range.

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