Invest in AmeriLithium

AmeriLithium (AMEL) is a tiny company that mines in Lithium in the area of Nevada, USA and Alberta, Canada. I have learned that many big investors are buying Lithium companies because they
 believe Lithium is the next big investment boom. Lithium is the green-energy metal that is changing the Power source such as electric car, laptop, and cell phone. It is currently in a critical demand. AMEL currently holds 2nd largest Lithium deposit in the world and is the key driver of this industry. AMEL is currently trading below $2 and there is a great potential for this company to trade above $10 this year. I believe now would be a great time to start racking up some shares.

Below is the chart for AMEL since inception in March 2010. There is a resistance around $1.80 with support at just below $1.50 and another support around $1.15.


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Money Green Life said...

Lithium really is the future in terms of alternative energy. Of all the rechargeable batteries that have been in the market over the past 20 years, Lithium-based batteries is the only survivor at the moment. You won't see nickel-based batteries in the stores anymore.