Poker Time Anyone?

Is anyone into poker?  For me, poker always interest me but I never played with real money.  That is until last week... when I finally decided to play online poker.  I follow GreenMoneyLife blog where Charles posts about poker.  I downloaded PokerStars software and deposited $30 after going through registration.  Currently, they are matching 100% of your deposit up to $600 using pomotion code STARS600.  I started with small deposit because I don't consider myself a strong poker player and I did not want to lose a lot of money playing poker.  I am currently playing stakes as low as $0.05/$0.10.  Hopefully, I can build up my poker skills and start making some additional cash.  If there are enough interest and if I make decent progress, then I can continue posting about my personal progress playing poker.

Charles also started another blog dedicated to poker.  It's called MoneyPokerLife.  He plans to write about poker strategies along with his progress playing online poker.  I hope to get some tips playing poker from him.  I figure if I build up enough skills playing poker, I could also increase my income and at the same time have fun!

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