Is FXI China ETF on the Decline?

I would like to take a look at FXI, which is an ETF representing the performance of the China equity market for international investors.  Looking at a 2 year chart, the top resistance level occurs around $47.  In November of last year, FXI formed a top at this level before the sell-off began.  It came all the way down to $38 level and currently at a decision point because the

Going LONG or SHORT in Rail Companies? Series III: UNP

This week on Long & Short Investment, we examined two Rail companies so far: CSX and NSC.  We found that both companies revealed very similar characteristics as both are headed much lower.  Today, we will apply technical analysis on UNP to see if it

Going LONG or SHORT in Rail Companies? Series II: NSC

Previously on Long & Short Investment, we applied technical analysis on CSX to determine where this stock is headed and when investors should be going LONG.  In looking at the technical analysis on Norfolk Southern Corporation, we see very similar

VIDEO on DOW Index

Adam from MarketClub has posted another video, this time on the DOW Index.  He points out that DOW is currently trading in a "thin air" in between the 50% and 61.8% Fibonacci retracement levels. 

Going LONG or SHORT in Rail Companies? Series I: CSX

I will be writing another series on Long & Short Investment covering Rail companies.  Generally, there could be some sell-off occurring in these Rail companies.  If we add these Rail companies to our portfolio at a right time, we could make some profit from

VIDEO: Recent S&P 500 Sell Off

Adam from MarketClub has posted a new video this year on the S&P 500.  He examines S&P 500 closely and determines that the market is heading lower after drawing the Fibonacci retracement

Bubbles Forming in Chinese Economy?

Last December, there was a post “High Potential in China“ on Long & Short Investment discussing several high potential ETFs from Chinese stock market. Since then, I learned of new statistics regarding Chinese Economy that reveals potential bubbles.  I found

Correlation Between Stock Market and SPY ETF

In examining SPY ETF, it is still looking strong as recent stock market sell-off brought SPY to its 50 day moving average at around $111.50.  As long as it does not break $111.50 level, then

Why Big Banks Are Red and Small Banks are Green?

Today, President Obama announced that he plans to increase regulation on large banks by preserving banks ability to take risk and strengthening the money system.  This news caused large financial companies to sell off causing the stock market to decline almost by 2%. 

Big Profit From GS and EBAY But Higher Jobless Claims

It could be an interesting day…

Goldman Sachs posted a better than expected 4th quarter profit and Ebay also posted better than expected 4th quarter profit, both significantly beating analysts’ expectation.

Is Walgreen (WAG) Undervalued?

Walgreen’s strategy is to maintain constant and reliable growth by adding new stores, renovate existing stores, cut operating costs, and improve on their customer service.  Their sales has been on increase in 2009 and should continue into 2010.  Also, their

S&P 500 Retracement AND Buying Opportunity for GOLD

Previously on Long & Short Investment there was an article on S&P 500 Next Resistance Level and discussed how difficult it will be for S&P 500 to break $1150 level. Since 2010 S&P 500 has been pretty much trading in between $1135 and $1150. This trading pattern could come to an end with today’s big decline

Investment in Casino Stocks Series IV: Wynn Resorts

The final series of the Investment in Casino Stocks on Long & Short Investment is regarding Wynn Resorts.  In previous series, we applied technical analysis and presented concrete data on the potential direction of three stocks: Las Vegas Sands, MGM Mirage, and Vail Resorts.   Although these three casino stocks can soon present great buying opportunities, I would argue Wynn Resorts

Investment in Casino Stocks Series III: Vail Resorts

This article is series number 3 of 4 covering Investment in Casino Stocks on Long & Short Investment.  Both the Investment in Casino Stocks Series I: Las Vegas Sands and the Investment in Casino Stocks Series II: MGM Mirage presented a good opportunity to go LONG based on fundamental and technical analysis.

Investment in Casino Stocks Series II: MGM Mirage

Last week's post “Investment in Casino Stocks Series I: Las Vegas Sands on Long & Short Investment presented a good strategy for entry point for LVS.  Similarly in Series II of Investment in Casino Stocks, MGM Mirage also presents a good buying opportunity.  Looking at one year chart of MGM, there is a clear descending trend line that has been consolidating for the past several months

Investment in Casino Stocks Series I: Las Vegas Sands

Las Vegas Sands Casino stock has been doing very well past year. It has been making newer highs with higher lows, which is a very positive trend for any stocks. See the one year chart with several trend lines based on the technical analysis. The descending trend

BIDU, Monopoly in China?

On January 6, 2010, I had posted an article “Baidu At Decision Point... Up or Down?” on Long & Short Investment with my prediction that BIDU will go up.  Looking at BIDU’s four year chart, there is a major resistance level at around $443. If BIDU closes

High Yielding Savings Accounts

Today finding a high interest yielding savings account is very difficult as the Fed Funds rate came down to almost 0%.

Google Threatening China to Leave their Market

After the news hit about Google threatens to leave China, Google stock took a hit and dropped about 2% in the after-hour trading. Conversely, Baidu rallied about $60 or 16% due to the potential for getting even greater market shares in search engine once Google

Popular Currency ETFs…

I enjoy posting articles related to the Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) on Long & Short Investment.  ETFs are popular with investors in the stock market industry mainly because they provide great investment opportunities in areas where it is difficult to take

Will S&P 500 Break the Next Resistance Level?

Last month, I posted an article on how S&P 500 would have difficulty breaking pass its 50% Fibonacci Retracement level on Long & Short Investment. We now know that 50% Fibonacci Retracement level was easily broken and has recently made it all the way to $1150. $1150 marks the next major resistance level

MOO at 61.8% Fibonacci Retracement Level

I have posted my recommendation on shorting several stocks in the past (GOOG, LUV, ASH, DTG, XOM) on Long & Short Investment. Today, I will be looking at another short potential on an ETF. Looking at a two year chart on MOO ETF, we see that this agricultural business ETF more than doubled from its low of $20 per share around November 2008. It has now retraced back to

Santa Clause Really Does Exist!

I had posted an article “Interesting Historical Trend for DOW” on Long & Short Investment on December 18, 2009. Honestly, I was a little skeptical on any positive potential gain in the stock market

Follow Warren Buffett Long-Term Stock Picks

Do you follow Warren Buffett's philosophy in stock market and his stock picks?  There are many investors who do exactly this, follow Warren Buffett's moves regarding his stock holdings.  To start 2010, the year of Tiger in Chinese Zodiac, I would like to look at stocks currently owned by Warren Buffett as a long-term investment stragegy.  His investment strategy requires not only discipline but also patience. His main strategy is to buy the best companies in the market that are trading at a discount.  We should welcome these stocks to our portfolio and consider holding onto these stocks for the next 10+ years.

GOOGLE: Is It Time to Go LONG?

Previously on Long and Short Investment, there was an article on how we should be SHORTING GOOG with a tight stop when it was slightly above $625. We came to this decision by using a fundamental and technical analysis on the GOOG stock. Since

A Quick Note on GLD, GOLD ETF…

GLD has made a nice run up since late December 2009 when we first pointed out the possibility of going LONG in the

Baidu At Decision Point... Up or Down?

Recently, we covered US Internet search provider, Google, by using fundamental analysis and technical analysis on Long & Short Investment. I thought it would be a fit to examine Internet search provider from China using the same fundamental analysis

A Turning Point for XOM Exxon Mobil

Last December 2009, I recommended three stocks for possible SHORT Trades on Long & Short Investment: BEN (Franklin Resources), DTG (Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group), and ASH (Ashland). I still recommend holding onto these three stocks as SHORT positions and along with them, I would like to consider adding Exxon Mobil.

How Would You Trade GOOG to Lock in Profit?

I am constantly trying to come up with good ideas to trade stocks to lock in profit and I try my best to share my ideas on Long and Short Investment. I would love to hear your opinion on my recommendations, whether it is good or bad move.