SHORT Opportunity: GS, ASH, LUV

Today, I would like to discuss three stocks (c) that have a high SHORT opportunity.

Goldman Sachs Group company (GS) recently crossed $166 level and it looks like it will be bearish as we move into 2010. GS is a good candidate for Short as it will continue to go down from currently trading level at $164.

Ashland (ASH) is another stock that is a good candidate for Short. At current price of $39-$40 level, it is really a good opportunity to enter Short position. Expect ASH to reach around $20 level by mid 2010

Lastly, Southwest Airline (LUV) is positioning itself for another decline. Check out the last 10 year chart on LUV. As you can see clearly that $11 has been the support for many years and this year $11 is the resistance. Now that LUV has reached $11 with lower volume from its low of $5 this year, this is a great opportunity for SHORT at current price.

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