2009 YTD International Fund Returns

We all know about US ETFs such as SPY, which invests in S&P 500 Index. But, are we aware of other countries ETFs especially the emerging markets? I started gathering data on 2009
performance of other countries ETFs and was blown away by their returns. I have listed them below in descending order of their performance in 2009.

Many of the international funds listed above have returns double the SPY ETF. I guess this is why many financial advisors recommend adding international funds, specifically the emerging market, into our portfolio. Be advised though… If you look at 2008 returns of these emerging market returns, they are down considerably compared to SPY. These emerging market funds are volatile. They can give you great returns but can also generate great loss. Which of these funds do you think will be a STAR in 2010? I vote for CH! What is your vote?

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