Prepare to Add GOLD to Your Portfolio Before Too Late!

The graph below is a 2 year chart of GLD.  As you can see from the long term chart, the price of GLD is very close to reaching the upward trend line.  After reaching the peak early December 2009, GLD has been on the decline ever since.  I'm thinking
that we are now very close to the bottom of this decline.  GLD closed up at $108 territory today.  I believe it will go down further before moving back up again.  I will be getting into GLD very soon hopefully before the next rally.  If for some reason, GLD continues to go below the major support line at $100 range, then it will go down further.  However, I really don't see that happening anytime soon.  More on GLD early next year...

There are also other GOLD ETFs such as GDX and GDXJ and you can definitely make similar claim to buy GDX or GDXJ when the right time arrives on GLD. But, let's be carefule as GDX and GDXJ are more volitile ETFs compared to GLD.

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