ETFs to Consider as Long-Term Investment Prospects in 2010

Investing in ETFs could be a better option for many investors than investing in a single company especially during current volatile stock market.  Many investors turn to ETFs because they provide great opportunity to invest in big part of the industries.  For these
investors, deciding on the right ETF obviously provides great benefits.  In 2010, there are some industries that could provide a great long-term investment prospects.  Some of these ETFs are MOO, IGF and GLD.

MOO ETF covers an agricultural industry,

IGF ETF covers overseas infrastructure firms,

and GLD ETF covers exposure to gold. 

Besides just investing in ETFs, there is another strategy where investors can research the top 10 holdings of each ETF.  Although ETFs provide good diversification, if you can pick a great individual company within the ETF, then you can potentially profit even greater.  For example, MOO is up considerably in 2009.  But, its top holding POT performed 20% higher than MOO.

As you put together your investment portfolio, you should always consider studying ETFs.  There are hidden benefits that ETFs bring and with some research, you can build a strong investment portfolio.

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Michelle said...

As long as GOLD price stays above $1075. GLD will do well... $1075 is a critical support level and we saw GOLD price went up considerably yesterday only after it retraced back to $1075 level. For now, it should continue to go up (this week), but GOLD may come back to retrace $1075 again later this month.