How A Copper Company Can Bring Profit To Investors!

Many emerging nations such as Brazil, India and China are focused in building new infrastructures to accommodate their fast growing economy as we move into 2010 and beyond. This need will no doubt create a high demand for commodities that are used to build
infrastructure. Copper is one of these commodities that plays an important role in building infrastructure. The good news for investors is that there is currently a shortage of copper into 2012 and will cause the copper price to increase by almost 25%. Large copper companies like Freeport McMoran (FCX) will benefit from copper shortage.

In looking at a one year chart, FCX is currently touching its upward resistance line.  At this time, FCX should have difficulty breaking this level and should head lower to its support line around $73-$74.  Therefore, a good entry point would be at its support level.

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