VIDEO: Using Cyclical in Crude Oil to Time the Market

Adam from MarketClub has released a video on Crude Oil and it is quite good. He points out the cyclical cycle that occurs in OIL going from low to low. If we time it just right, we could use it to
make some profit. It looks like mid to late February will be the end current cycle making a low before heading higher for next 3-5 weeks.

Investment Strategies

  1. Use this information to trade USO.  Between February 15 – 27, USO may be at its low around $35 - $36.  This will be the time to go LONG on USO.  Hopefully, we can ride it up all the way to $40-$41 level.
  2. If first strategy works, then we should sell high and possibly consider SHORT position on USO on the way downward in the remaining 3-5 weeks of the cycle.

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