Finding Value in BKPG

One of the difficult thing to do in trading stocks is to find value in penny stocks.  However, when you do find value in a penny stock, your reward can be large with huge profit.  I have been trying my best to do exactly this on Long and Short Investment blog.  I have already shared about ULU and LTUM by recommending going LONG on these two penny stocks.  Today, I would like to share my thought on BKPG. 

As you can see from six months chart below, BKPG has been finding support around $0.36-$0.40 area.  There has been now three attempts to make a break out from this range, each attempt creating higher highs.  I have a strong prediction that BKPG will rally and eventually make a new high.  We should be buying at current price at $0.36-$0.38.  Are there anyone who believes this stock is headed much lower?  If so, I would like to hear your thoughts on BKPG.

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